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Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Five+None has evolved from a fun cover band to writers and musicians finding their own unique sound complete with blistering rock, amazing guitar riffs, and poetic lyrics.  

The band originally met as students of Ottawa’s Bluesfest School of Music and Arts in 2015 and soon started playing local events and venues. They placed first at the 2018 City of Ottawa Student Showcase (Battle of the Bands), scoring the highest points for their combination of original songs, musicianship and stage presence, wowing the judges and audience alike. In April 2019 after an 8 week contest, Five+None was a top three finalist in the Rebel 101.7 FM Real Rock Search and won the audience vote in the finals, continuing their trajectory upwards. 

Rapidly gaining industry support from people such as Alan Cross (“We need more female-fronted rock, give this a listen”) and DJ Noah of LiVE 88.5 FM (“... a really promising young new Ottawa band”), Five+None continues to make waves and gain recognition. 

Band members are:

Maryn Pegan (Vocals): A singer since walking up on stage and belting out "Gives You Hell" when she was 8 years old, Maryn has graduated from the well regarded Arts Canterbury High School in Vocal Music. In addition to her work writing and performing with Five+None, Maryn has performed with Canterbury's Vocum and Chamber Choir. She just finished her first year of her Bachelor of Music at Carleton and is looking towards a career in singing!

Lee Jessen (Guitar): Lee has been described as a guitar phenom. He picked up his first guitar at age 8, at age 11 won the Best Individual Performer award at the City of Ottawa Student Showcase (Battle of the Bands) and at age 12 had commercial radio support for his original music.  In addition to Five+None, Lee also collaborates and performs with Jessen Farrell (blues/rock), Slimmoore and NSP (soul/reggae) and as guest performer with numerous local musicians.

Will Gonthier (Drums): Will received a toy drum kit as a 5 year old and started "bashing around on it." When his parents noticed that his bashing was morphing into playing, they upgraded the kit and added some lessons. A connection with Lee from a past music program led to Will getting the call when Five+None needed a drummer!

James Shaheen (Bass Guitar): A musician since before he started school, James began with the classical violin at age 5. As he got older, rock called to him and he made his way to bass guitar and guitar. Along the way he's added drums and tenor saxophone to his repertoire and become a luthier. He shares his love of music by teaching wind ensemble at a local elementary school and by attending all the live shows and music festivals he can!

Ethan Splinter (Guitar): Ethan’s first encounter with guitar was at the age of 5 when he received one as a birthday present, though at the time he mostly used it as a table to play with his marbles on. At 14 he picked up the guitar again and hasn't stopped playing since. In that time he’s been a member of numerous school bands, created music of his own as well as been offered admission to the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. 

Nico Paré (Guitar, 2016 - Summer 2019): Nico started to play musical instruments at the age of 6 but gave it up to play hockey and soccer. With his older brothers Max and Sam's encouragement, he got back to it at 11 years old and bought his first bass. As he was eager to play in a band, in January 2017, he registered in Rock University at the BSOMA and got placed with Five+None. He immediately felt he belonged there because the group was playing the kind of music he plays. It was a hit! With his attention to detail, his bold musicianship and his soaring riffs, Nico is a guitarist to watch! 

Kenny Hammond (Bass Guitar, 2015 - Summer 2019): Kenny has never met a stringed instrument he couldn't play. He joined the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy at the age of 4, spending a few years on the cello before moving to the double bass, and eventually ending up in the Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra. Kenny enjoys jazz too, and plays the tuba and bass in school bands. It's always a special treat when Kenny breaks out the double bass and bow for Five+None acoustic shows!

Five+None has recorded their first EP of original music and are working on their first full length LP. The band dreams of one day leaving their mark in music history!

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